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private investigators in spain

Grupo Arga is an agency with decades of experience in private investigation, providing solutions for investigations, financial reports, data verification, surveillance, investigations and more.

Grupo Arga will provide you with a flexible range of services to suit your needs and budget. We offer unparalleled professionalism and expertise, ensuring that all private investigations conducted by our team are carried out with marked efficiency and results-oriented. The fastest, most valuable and affordable way to comment.

private investigators in spain

Grupo Arga provides detective services in Spain in all cases with discretion

At Grupo Arga, we do not limit ourselves to finding missing persons in Sapin, Spain and beyond, insurance claims, we investigate their origin and investigate any fraudulent activity.

Are you looking for a missing person, friend, relative or debtor? Do you think your business partner is less honest than you? Do you think your spouse or partner is cheating on you? Or maybe you just want someone to “watch”? However, the Spain Detective Agency Grupo Arga will provide you with an efficient and professional service, giving you the satisfaction and peace of mind you need. Of course, we provide legal evidence and judicial recognition.

In our detective office we offer a variety of investigative services, you will find, among others: bankruptcy and bankruptcy investigations, concealment of assets, general fraud claims, SS Fraud, Financial and commercial reports, unfair competition, personal monitoring, dishonesty, separation, divorces, alimony, vacations, care, inheritance, unpaid pensions, etc.

Grupo Arga, private detective agency based in Spain with work experience and discretion

Our team of detectives in Spain work with the utmost care and keep information strictly confidential. Our detective offices perform the following service areas throughout the country: family, social and financial reports, commercial and real estate reports, technical and calligraphic reports, insurance and mutual reports, topography, food inspection, pension claims and other fields. .

We are a legally authorized private investigation agency made up of a team of highly qualified professionals that includes: private detectives, criminologists, information analysts, experts, calligraphers, security experts, counterintelligence and others.

Using a range of technical resources different from other private detective agencies in the Spain community, we are the main tool to collect the information and evidence that our clients need. These measures include a large number of motor vehicles and audio and video recording equipment for surveillance purposes.

Grupo Arga Agency, professional and discreet detective in Spain

Our services are aimed at companies and individuals. We work for you to avoid costly problems and achieve comprehensive solutions and results. The stellar work of our team of experts every day has made us the team of professionals we can trust today.

Join our first free chat and let us know how you are doing. We will then analyze your records, make appropriate recommendations, and make estimates to reveal the financial and security situation associated with the detective’s office. The investigation is carried out by detectives legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior and is top secret.

Professional security is fully guaranteed. Once the investigation is finished, we will send you a report with the results obtained, along with videos, photos and documents, whose validity is 100% guaranteed if it is presented before the courts or the corresponding arbitrator.